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Anti-mould - a profitable investment

Investment in a proven anti-mould equipment will:
- increase the shelf life of your products
- recuce your waste costs
- improve your production facilities
- support your climate adaption strategy

Mould causes large costs and waste

Up to about 25% of all foodstuffs has to be discarded each year due to mould.

High intensity - short time

In order to achieve proven mould disinfection, it is not only necessary to deliver an exact UV-dose. Viasolde Solution has shown that to provide proven and consistent mould disinfection it is of the utmost importance that the UV intensity is within the right range, in combination with a short time cycle.

Therefore, to achieve adequate penetreation of the mould's cell wall, and destroy the mould's DNA:
- high UV intensity and
- a short time cycle (< 5 sec.) are needed.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Increased shelf ife results in reduced CO2 emissions. Regarding bread, this amounts to >5% less CO2 emissions.

EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)

The Viasolde Solution method “is expected to reduce potential contaminations e.g mould spores from the process“ EFSA 2015;13(7):4148

Evaluation of the Viasolde Solution method

Westerdijk Fungal Bio diversity Institute at Utrecht University has evaluated the new patented anti mould technology developed by Viasolde Solution AB.

”The aim of the investigation was to determine the effect of UV-treatment on the outgrowth of fungi on bread”. To study the effect of UV treatment on spores present on agar media, six Petri dishes per species were spayed with the same spore concentration and incubated for 4-5 days at 25°C.

After 4-5 days of incubation little to no growth was observed on the UV-treated plates”.

The full report regarding Viasolde Solution anti -mould technology made by Westerdijk Fungal Bio diversity Institute can be requested from Viasolde Solution AB.

Plates sprayed with Aspergillus glaucus, top row untreated plates, bottom row UV treated.
Plates sprayed with Aspergillus glaucus, top row untreated plates, bottom row UV treated.