About us

Don't fight technology!

Viasolde Solution has its roots in research at Chalmers University of Technology, where it was discovered that by illuminating the yeast cell in freshly baked bread with UV light, the ergosterol in the yeast cell was converted into vitamin D in the surface layer of the bread.

When further developed, this technology was also shown to have a significant impact on almost all common mould types. A collaboration was begun with one of the world's foremost institution within mould research, Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, which is part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts
and Sciences.

Mould attack is an extensive problem today – not least within the food industry – and one cause for very large quantities of food having to be discarded. Reducing mould attacks means significantly increasing product shelf life. Viasolde is responsible for an evidence-based breakthrough in mould control.

One of our machines installed in a continuous line for bread increasing the shelf life through
reducing mould spores before packing