Our method develops vitamin D in bread through natural means without food additives, resulting in a Clean Label.

Vitamin D in bread. Without additives. How is that possible? Everyone knows that vitamin D is produced when we are in the sun and that it is important for our health.
If we give a slice of bread some sun, the bread produces vitamin D in the same way! This is because a component in yeast, ergosterol, converts into vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

Viasolde has produced a machine, the “sun oven”, that simply mimics sunlight. The bread is exposed to light that corresponds sunlight and produces vitamin D naturally during the baking process. Additionally, the method keeps the bread fresh for longer combatting mould spores.
Simple and natural. No additives, Clean Label. The method allows an approved health claim for vitamin D to be added to the label and marketing because the amount of vitamin D in bread is sufficient for a health impact.
Viasolde’s process is standardized for the vitamin D content in each slice and has superior accuracy. Therefore, a precise amount of vitamin D can be guaranteed for the consumer.

The method of exposing bread to UV meets the food safety requirements and has been endorsed by EFSA and authorized by the European Commission. The method also holds a patent.