Major order for Original Bagarn from COOP Sweden to 650 stores.

Original Bagarn has been commissioned by the COOP Sweden to participate in COOP's focus on private labels, private labels, in the bread sector. Primarily, these are about 7 products from everyday range with very special conditions. Original Bagarn will be the first in Sweden to produce vitamin D enriched bread on a large scale, which means that the loaves UV irradiated to release natural vitamin D in the flour.

In addition to increased vitamin content also increases the life of the tan bread and the tendency for example, mold decreases significantly. Vitamin D is the vitamin we have the most difficult to get to us during the dark half of the year and with a natural addition in bread that is a staple covered a large part of that need.

COOP and Original Bagarn meets this an international trend from countries such as England and the United States where many leading bread supplier takes responsibility for vitamin D supplement.

Two of the products will be marketed under the brand Änglamark and fills the requirement for both Ekologiskt- by KRAV bread. There has been much effort put into the test kitchen to develop products that have the same high quality in terms of taste and texture as the most famous idols.

With more than 650 stores are expected COOP become one of Originalbagarns largest customers and deliveries will start Week 38 and coincides well with the time of its introduction on the NGM Stock Exchange.

- To bring home these kinds of large customers in EMV is normally a yearlong process, here, there have been investments in the plant in Växjö as well as a great work with KRAV certification, says the company's CEO Magnus Norman - In return we have reached deeper cooperation with one of Sweden's most important food chains.

-Originalbagarn Is already certified in BRC and Organic production in both its production. BRC certification has received the highest rating, Grade A and Grade AA.

Original Bagarn is the parent company of a group which also owns the bakery Nynas in Nynashamn. Growth is very strong and it is today a production rolling at about 100 million contained in a total production capacity of 400 million.

Customers are almost all the leading supermarket chains and wholesalers and Nynas bakery cinnamon bun baked in over 20 million pieces per year. The bakery in Vaxjo is focused entirely on bread in large batches to many different brands.

The listing on NGM is scheduled for December 2016.